So I just got my first iPhone - yes, I’m very late to the bandwagon. My first smart phone was a Huawei, super cheap, super awful smart phone. After that, I switched to a Galaxy S3, and eventually a Galaxy S5. Finally, after so many years, I’m using an iPhone for the first time. I was ultimately deciding between the galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 (spoiler alert: I chose the iPhone).

I can confidently say that, at this point in Android’s development, the margins between Android and IOS are very slim. I’ve been extraordinarily happy with the S5, as all my troubles with the S3 had been solved.

For a long time I had chosen Samsung because of the Hardware - something that, oddly enough, is Apple’s specialty when it comes to laptops. The S5 had a removable battery, a SIM card, and was waterproof to boot!

And yet, oddly enough, Samsung took a play out of Apple’s book, deciding to copy all of the design upgrades that simultaneously came with all of the hardware limitations. When I first saw the S6 at the T-Mobile store, I thought I was looking at an iPhone 6.

Say what you will about the rounded corners lawsuit, but this new design is incredibly similar to the iPhone. (This applies less so for the Edge, which is definitely an interesting design.)

But with all of those hardware benefits now forfeit, all of a sudden the choice between Samsung and Apple swings, for me, well into the direction of Apple. IOS is still well in the lead when it comes to app development, and most companies are de facto iPhone first. That, along with the better design and out-of-the-box functionality and little Apple exclusives like iMessage ultimately have led me to choose iPhone this time around.

But who knows? I have another upgrade coming in six months, and maybe half a year from now I’ll go back to Android. :)