For a long time, I’ve used for my domain names. This started all the way back in 2011 after reading this EFF article about GoDaddy started supporting its support for SOPA, and honestly I haven’t looked back. As time went on, more and more side projects were started, and the number of domain names I used steadily grew. Eventually, I’d let some very old domains expire, but for the most part I had reached a stable state of paying roughly $300 a year for domains.

In addition to the struggle to find awesome, punny domain names, it was also difficult to find a central, easy to manager location for all of them. I decided to purchase a single domain,, and move all of my various side projects into subdomains. It probably helps my individual brand / SEO to have something with my actual name on it, too.

So as of today, my previous domain - - has been relinquished.

Instead, each side project I do will be moved to a subdomain underneath, and since Google owns the .app TLD, it’s super cheap! Just $14 / year. The about section of this blog has been updated with the new portfolio and corresponding links. Since many of my side projects tend to be standalone frontend projects without a backend, most of them are just being hosted with Github Pages.

CS1, CS50, this blog, Caltrain, and H3 are all simple github pages projects routed to my various subdomains. Boardgames is hosted on Firebase, and the similar Firebase A records can be added to various other subdomains for other such projects.