MoMo saw snow for the first time! I’ve been to Tahoe many times, but Tahoe with a dog who loves snow is definitely more fun. We weren’t sure how it was going to go, but we we put all our chips in and bet the whole weekend on her loving snow. Day one we’d go tubing near Donner Ski Park. They’re super chill there and I’ve seen dogs play at the bottom of the hill. Day two we were going snowshoeing, with MoMo. The only thing that didn’t require MoMo’s presence was the final day – snowmobiling.

We got to the AirBnb pretty late the night of the 18th, and we didn’t want to risk meeting any bears. At the time I didn’t know bears are mostly active near dusk and dawn. All I saw was the entire property had electric fencing to stop bears, and severe warnings were posted everywhere about not leaving food out in the open. That was one sleepless night, let me tell you.

I woke up early to walk MoMo, and to see her first sight of snow. She was… not enthused.

This wasn’t too surprising honestly - MoMo hates water, even though her feet are slightly webbed. This continued until we got to the tubing place when MoMo saw two huskies playing in the snow. Instantly a light bulb seemed to click, and she realized snow could be fun.

This video is taken literally two minutes after MoMo saw the two huskies.

Tubing is a half-day event at most in my opinion. The hill we were going down wasn’t all that steep, and unfortunately fresh powder - while great for skiing - is horrible for tubing. Tubing requires packed, icy snow, and the day we went we were having fresh powder all morning. After about an hour of tubing we gave up and went back to our cars.

Afer that day with tubing, MoMo learned to love snow, and snowshoeing was the best event by far. Initially we bought these dog shoes for her in case her feet got too cold, but German Shepherds are made for the cold, and honestly after seeing a super small Chihuahua hiking with bare paws, we figured MoMo would be fine without shoes.

She had a blast and ran into each snow bank at full fource.

The final day was MoMo’s least favorite by far. They wouldn’t really allow dogs near the snowmobiles, so we had to keep her in the car for the two hours we were gone. Snowmobiling is super fun, but I’d definitely recommend a guided tour unless your party has all gone snowmobiling before. Back country routes can be pretty difficult, and the corners have to be taken slow and deliberately. I was right behind a snow mobile that flipped over end to end, and the guides had to come and rescue the two!

We went around the back country for a while until we eventually came to the top of this gorgeous view.

They also took us to this small pond that had completely frozen over, where they allowed us to go as fast as we wanted. Even Ahana took a turn driving :) It’s very similar to motorcycling, so I had a blast. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it even more than skiing.

It was a much needed break from the panedmic, and I think given MoMo’s newfound love for snow, a yearly trip to Tahoe has definitely been added to my calendar.